Celeste with Eileen Brody and Dr. Paul Lam

Trained by the Arthritis Foundation to teach Tai Chi for people with Arthritis and Arthritis-like symptoms, I have expanded to offer this gentle SUN style of Tai Chi to a more general population.   It is safe and highly beneficial.  Overall physical functioning can be greatly improved, with increased muscle strength, flexibility, mobility and balance.  An ancient form of Chinese martial art, Tai Chi is a mind-body practice that ultimately imparts tranquility and peace.  It encourages patience.  One's ability to relax is increased.  It is indeed the internal benefits that are perhaps the most promising, stemming as they do from a powerful increase in internal energy, its flow and distribution. In addition, I have been able to bring much of my earlier practice of Chi Gong into my Tai Chi classes. I have added a program called Tai Chi for Energy after working directly with Chinese Tai Chi expert and physician, Dr. Paul Lam. This is a combination of Sun style and Chen style Tai Chi.

Please go to my calendar to find current classes, or contact me for more info and updates.


- a holistic healing art for individuals, couples, and groups.


Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy invites presence and awareness rather than prescribing treatments.   Using age old yogic approaches to foster a deep internal experience, one is able to know oneself more fully.  Out of this knowing we are more easily moved to embrace opportunities for change, growth and enhanced well-being in body, feelings, thought and spirit.

Clients get to explore the relationship between body, mind, and daily life circumstances in an atmosphere of safety and acceptance.  Each session is geared to the client's individual needs. Appropriate yoga postures are determined, guided and fully supported by the therapist. The client is encouraged to be attentive to and speak about what is happening in her body. A wide variety of benefits are available, including relief from chronic pain, recovery from past and long standing trauma, stress, to name a few.  PRYT is a powerful, safe, and natural path to enhanced well-being, regardless of one's body type, level of fitness experience, or physical condition.

For more information please go to www.pryt.com/celestegraveshoyal or contact me to discuss, or to set up a free consultation.


In PRYT sessions for couples, the couple is guided in a variety of safe and enjoyable yoga postures, stretches and gentle movements, together.  The couple is coached in communicating with each other throughout the session, about what is happening, in both listening and speaking together with a safe and supportive witness and guide.

Meditations help structure and focus this dedicated time together, encouraging intentions,  honesty, and a willingness to explore together.

Relationships and communication skills are deeply enriched with this work.


Typically PRYT groups focus on dealing and coping with stress and stress-related symptoms.  They usually run for 8 weeks, and follow a progressive, thematic approach to awareness, choice and change.   Studies have shown that these sessions greatly change participants' relationship to stress and dramatically reduce stress-related physical and emotional symptoms.  It is a multifaceted approach and can be easily delivered in a variety of medical, professional and community settings.

It is effective for a broad spectrum of participants coping with stress or illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure or addictions.  It can be offered through health institutions, educational organizations and human resource departments of corporations.

Please contact me if you are interested in participating in a PRYT Group Experience, or in bringing one to a pre-existing group or establishment.


This class is for desk and computer people, or others who are too busy, stressed, or maybe just too insecure about their physical abilities to go out and find a yoga class that might suit them.

They don't have to leave the workplace or living quarters, or even change their clothes. I will come to them.

The class can last from ½ hour to a full hour and includes stretches both seated in a chair and standing, using the chair for balance and support.  No yoga mats or other props are needed.

Focus is on relieving those areas where stress, tension, and pain most often occur, the neck, shoulders, and back.  We also pay attention to arms and hands, learning ways to counteract repetitive stress syndrome and arthritis.

There are many ways to include the hips, abdominals, legs, and feet as well.  In fact, the entire body is involved as we work on improving posture, alignment, and flexibility, which allows the internal organs to regain strength and healthier functioning as well.

As with everything we do, increasing range of motion and joint mobility is approached with safety and ease in mind.

I teach simple, powerful techniques for relaxation and revitalization of the body, mind, and spirit, including a system of facial rejuvenation.  Over time, these exercises, along with breath awareness and guided meditations can lead from reducing and managing physical tension and stress to becoming a path of personal growth and expansion.  As self awareness increases, so does trusting and honoring our bodies.  This in turn can guide us into living a more dynamic life - full of new discoveries - with an ever increasing sense of well being and purpose.


For people with conditions ranging from mild Arthritis to severe dementia, to stroke recovery, Chair Yoga can be safely adapted for an appropriate, enjoyable, and beneficial form of exercise. It can help in recovery and maintenance, as well as gently push the limits imposed by certain conditions.

Gentle seated stretches combined with breath are powerful ways to alleviate aches and muscular tension as well as increase range of movement of the joints.   Resistance exercises can strengthen major muscles (such as quadriceps and abdominals).  Standing poses can enhance balance and improve posture.

Inspirational readings and relaxation techniques can round out a rich experience for these older, active adults.  We can all relate to feeling a part of the cutting edge of what is happening in the fitness world - something that  "everybody" is doing to improve their health and overall quality of life.

– Including Weight Loss and Management

If you are looking for an all-inclusive program, designed with your specific health, fitness, and overall well-being concerns and needs in mind, this might just be it!

Starting with a free consultation, we will begin to design a potential plan for a health improving, life-enhancing, doable program, addressing your particular life situations, personal intentions, and ultimate goals.

Drawing from an enormous and creative cadre of exercise possibilities, creative expression modalities, eating styles and choices, meditation techniques, breath work, and so on, we will create a plan that you will not only be able to follow, but one that you will truly enjoy, because it will come from your authentic, essential self, in the fullness and the readiness of your personal time.

I strive to create flexible, elastic programs, ones that can expand and contract as needed, while maintaining the integrity of your truest and deepest intentions.

Contact me for further information or to schedule a free consultation. We will customize a program that is right for you.  Time commitments as well as financial exchange can be flexible and creatively arranged.


As a fitness professional for weight loss and long term maintenance at Hunter Mountain hotel & spa, I have been helping guests reach and maintain their health goals for over 15 years. Go to http://www.huntermtnhotelspa.com for more information.


Free style rules, as we explore movement, space, rhythm, music, sounds, silence, emotions, dreams.  The sky is the limit, the Earth, our ground.    With dance and movement we can honor illness or dis-ease and the lessons and gifts they have brought us.  We can also honestly, safely, and deeply explore our feelings about that, and recreate, perhaps choosing to be guided by our compass of joy, or by some other personal truth that presents itself.  We explore and create guided by our compass of joy towards health, fulfillment, purpose, and forgiveness.  Dance is our medicine and our delight - our path to self-awareness, acceptance, and freedom.

In small groups or in a one-on-one experience, this is a deep, penetrating exploration of Spirit and matter as they meet in our bodies.  In the context of Dance as a Spiritual practice, we approach our Selves as Sacred Selves.  Without preconceptions of what is, we find our truths, our voices, our Being.  No session is ever the same, and yet with each exploration we become more and more familiar and intimate with ourselves and in love with our true nature. Everyone's dance medicine is personal medicine, so what you experience will be unique to you.


Typically included in a Personalized Fitness Program and the Wholistic Health Encounter, Nature Attunements are also available as an individual Movement Art.  Personal alignments with earth, air, water, and fire elements determine specific meditations and practices to be prescribed.

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