Winter and Spring,  2015.

Sundays, January 11, 25, and February 8 at Esopus Bend Studio, Saugerties, NY.
1 – 3 pm.

This is a small gathering and mini-series in preparation for the larger Spring series sponsored by the Oncology Support Program at Benedictine Hospital campus auditorium.  These are scheduled for:

Saturdays March 28, April 11, and April 25.
2:00 – 4:30 pm 

Opening to the Universal Healing Spirit 
of Movement and Dance

3 Part Workshop 

Movement! Music! Dance!   

They inspire and transport us, as well as offer us a way to work on ourselves. When we add intention and mindfulness into the swirl, dance and movement can offer a powerful, joyful, and precise modality for touching and engaging our capacities for healing, growing, and loving ourselves.

Creating a sacred space of acceptance and love, we come from our hearts in order to be together in our bodies – safely and authentically – with purpose and intention.

With elements of the interrelated practices of yoga, qi gong and  tai chi included for centering, strengthening, and grounding, you will be invited to discover and explore personal as well as universal rhythms, themes, and issues, through both guided and self motivated movements.

Group energy and interaction are there for suppport and connection, but never to intrude, judge, or sensor.

The sessions are designed to go together, building on what you discover about yourself.  Some of the practices will get more advanced and go deeper as we continue.  The group itself will become a stronger and ever more trusted support. Howevever, each session is whole and contained and you are welcome to come to one, or two if you can't make all three.

You do NOT need to “know how to dance” to take this workshop!

Celeste Graves-Hoyal is a Movement Arts Professional, primarily focusing on the implementation of dance, yoga, and tai chi therapuetically, for health, well being, and wholistic fitness.   She has a masters degree from New York University in Dance Therapy, is a certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, and is certified through Dr. Paul Lam's international institute to teach Tai Chi for Health.  

For more information Celeste can be reached at or 845 810 2742. 








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